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How To Reconnect Ring To Wi-Fi. The best way to establish a seamless Wi-Fi connection is by reconnecting your Ring to your router. In most cases, a problem in the network prevents the Ring from getting connected with the Wi-Fi. You can follow any of these steps to reconnect your device-Step 1: Check Your NetworkWi-Fi has never reliably worked on your Ring Device. If your Ring Camera or Video Doorbell has always had issues connecting to Wi-Fi, such as it drops connection frequently and you have to go and select reconnect Wi-Fi. Special Characters. If your Wi-Fi password has special characters or symbols in it, Ring will not be able to connect.WIFI Android have 3 state WIFI setting 1 Always On Sleep Mode, Screen On or Off. WIFI always on and connect to Router. 2. During charger WIFI only On, if smartphone during charging. But WIFI will move to sleep mode after the Battery capacity reach a certain level.Put your thermostat in "Wi-Fi Setup" mode. If you see "Wi-Fi Setup" displayed on the screen, you can skip to the next step. Press the FAN button and the UP arrow, then release them when you see a set of numbers. Press the NEXT button to change the number on the left to 39 and press the DOWN arrow to change the number on the right to 0.How to reset blink camera wifi. To reset your blink camera, press and hold the reset button on the sync module. Make certain to perform a. I am having the same issue. My power went out and i had to reset the sync module. To do this, tap on the account icon in the bottom right of the home screen.